Between the sea and the heart of Salerno, insists and resists the cradle of a handful of the collar buttoned and the three stripes on the feet. Tackle is without a shadow of a doubt, the store casual the most popular of the Boot but it is even more. And’ above all else. Was founded in 2008 and brings with her the latest wake of the subculture, a british living in Italy. Immediately became a reference point for the Curves. On the fanzine, impressed in the photos, the Monday, is the hunting of the trademark stitched on the chest of supporters around the stadiums of Italy. And a truckload of symbols and colors, all clues that put together give a picture precise: the store, for the variety of genres and for the availability of, and grows quickly. The ultras populate for the major but are not the only ones. Anyone who crosses that threshold becomes part of a small tribe, united by the same ideas, the same passions. Can change the flags but not the way you dress.... And you recognize all from afar, without the need to open the mouth. The ‘casual’ dress ‘casual’ not only at the stadium but everywhere. And then the Tackle moves, first, and then widens. Becomes of legal age before you even do these 18 years. Although the hourglass has been turned upside down, trying to keep his primeval essence, through a continuous research of new brands, less known to the mass, but in which a sense of belonging beyond that of the phenomena is a way to feel and live day to day and it is for this reason that, even keeping an eye on and supporting the changes, that tribe will remain still standing.